Do we truly believe in the power of God to transform lives? I comment on blogs, trying to articulate my beliefs to those who’s belief systems are different. I am not trying to save them, or anybody. It is God who does that. I believe that, and so I pray, and continue to say truly and concisely what I believe.

Do we have pride? More than I realize. How do you know something you don’t know? It’s like the category on Jeapordy – I’ll take things nobody knows for 500… In responding to this blog I realized my pride, that I did think I was better than him because I believed what is truth. That doesn’t make me better. Not even smarter, really. I believe I am an object of grace, that it is all God’s doing that I am here where I am. I have just accepted grace where he has not. I pray he will see God’s offer.

Are we ignorant? To often we are. What I do know is that to receive God’s grace one has to confront the sin issue in their life. One has to confront the question, “What is life all about?” which leads to “Crap! I can’t do it!” Paul used the word “Dung”, but the essense is the same. I am not strong enough, smart enough, good enough – I need help, because I am so tired of striving and struggling. Cry this to God, and you will find Him waiting with His arms open wide for you, with an offer you can’t refuse.

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